Oral hygiene is an integral part of your overall health & your Dental Hygienist is an important member of your dental team. Your Hygienist is a highly educated, licensed professional that does more than ‘just clean’ teeth. Making an appointment to see your Hygienist at least every six months is a very important part of keeping your smile healthy.

When you see the Hygienist, she/he will first check your health history. You may need x-rays. Then your Hygienist will remove calculus & bacteria filled plaque from your teeth & apply preventive materials, such as fluoride. The Hygienist will also check for oral cancer & screen you for other conditions or abnormalities of the mouth. The Hygienist may take impressions if you need them. You will also be educated about appropriate oral hygiene at home.

Your hygienist works very diligently to keep your smile healthy. So, remember to schedule an appointment with your hygienist at least twice per year.

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