Implants or bridges? Trying to decide which option is best for you to replace a missing tooth can be confusing. Both implants and bridges have their pros & cons.

Some advantages to getting a bridge:

  • A bridge takes less time
  • Bridges can cost less
  • Bridges look natural

Some disadvantages to a bridge:

  • Bridges permanently alter adjacent teeth
  • Bridges place stress on adjacent teeth
  • Bridges may need replacement due to new decay

Some advantages to getting implants:

  • Implants replace the tooth root
  • An implant is easily maintained
  • Implants can last 40+ years 
  • Implants don’t alter adjacent teeth

Some disadvantages of an implant:

  • Implants may take a few  or many months to complete
  • Implants can be more expensive because much more is involved

We are experts in both dental implants and dental bridges and can help you make the best choice based on your needs and concerns. The most beautiful smile you’ve ever had is here waiting for you!

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